10 Creative Ideas for your Baby's 1st Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun and if it’s your baby’s first Christmas, I am sure you’ll want to make it extra magical. You’ll look back in years to come at the memories you made and reminisce on how the time has flown by.

The great news is you won’t have to spend a lot of money on presents, as your baby will be none the wiser. In fact, your baby is likely to be more mesmerised by the shiny wrapping paper or cardboard box than the toys itself.

My advice would be to focus on the little details and create family traditions that will last for years to come. Here are ten creative ideas to make your baby’s first Christmas one to remember.

1. Decorate a Christmas Tree

Nothing makes Christmas come more alive in the form of decorations than a Christmas tree. You can add an extra special touch to your tree by hanging a personalised ornament with your baby’s name on it, their initials, or a baby’s first Christmas bauble. To keep your baby safe, it is probably best to hang the ornaments higher up on the tree to prevent your baby trying to grab or pull it down.

2. Visit Your Local Santa’s grotto

Your baby might wonder who the old, bearded guy dressed in red is, but this can be a wonderful photo opportunity to capture their first Christmas at Santa’s grotto. Let’s face it, it’s only a few years before your child might start to doubt that Santa is real, so you might as well get as many memories as possible with Santa whilst you can. Be prepared, your baby might cry at the sight of Santa!

3. Hang your Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

Before your latest addition to the family, there was only one or two stockings hanging from your mantel piece. This year, your family has expanded, so it’s time to add one more stocking to the collection. There are so many creative ideas of how to personalise baby stockings and even cuter stuffing fillers to go inside. Check out Esty and Amazon for inspiration.

4.Wear matching Christmas Pyjamas

I love lounging around on Christmas morning in my pyjamas. It will feel extra festive if you’re wearing matching Christmas themed pyjamas with your baby and other family members for your baby’s first Christmas.

5. Dress Baby Up in a Festive Outfit

Christmas morning will soon come to an end and your baby will be ready for their special Christmas outfit. Go all out when picking their first Christmas outfit, it will make your Christmas photos that much cuter.

6. Preserve your Baby’s Handprint

There is something extra special about preserving your baby’s handprint in clay or baby safe paint to remember how tiny your baby was on their first Christmas. Print it on a canvas, or better still, turn it into a Christmas ornament that can be hung on the Christmas tree.

7. Decorate Baby’s Nursery

Go one step further than decking the halls. That’s right, deck your baby’s nursery. You can hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling, add Christmas bunting or Christmas fairy lights to their room for that extra special touch. Just make sure any decor is safely out of your baby’s reach.

8. Read Christmas Stories

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby. I started reading to my daughter whilst she was still in my womb. Why not add a few Christmas books to their library collection?

In the days leading up to Christmas, bedtime stories can be Christmas themed. There are a few classic books like ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ by Clement. C Moore or ‘Dear Santa’ by Rod Campbell. You might opt for something more modern, like ‘Peppa’s Night Before Christmas’ by Peppa Pig. Whatever book you decide on, you’ll have lots of fun as you snuggle up with your baby, flip through the colourful pages and go on an adventure as you journey through the book.

9. Make a Christmas Eve Box

Creating a Christmas Eve box can be a beautiful family tradition. You can fill it with inexpensive, easy, and meaningful items that inspire family togetherness. Be sure to add Christmas books, snacks for Santa and his reindeer, a letter from Santa and Christmas themed pyjamas. The good thing is, you can keep the box for years to come, just don’t forget to get rid of the perishable items!

10. Take a ‘First Christmas’ Family Photo

You can’t let your baby’s first Christmas go by without capturing the moments on your camera or phone. Snap different shots of their special day. You’ll be happy you did in years to come and your child will also appreciate being able to look back at how tiny and cute they were.

So, there you have it, ten creative ideas to keep you busy through the festive season. Do you have any other ideas you’ll be trying out this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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